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Shaking up my life so dramatically I unknowingly created a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the past 30 years, and contemplate what I want my next 30 years day, week, month... to look like. I started meditating again, drastically curbed drinking alcohol, started fasting, began eating mostly vegan and overall was finally able to kick my toxic sugar habit. The beautiful thing was, it happened organically, without the usual "pain & suffering" we often feel when making dramatic life changes. I dropped 30+ pounds effortlessly, made new friends from around the world, discovered new activities like ecstatic dance and cacao ceremonies, renewed my love of surfing... and most importantly for me, I found a new zest for living an authentic and meaningful life that I am excited to share with you, and sincerely hope inspires you to live YOUR best life!! 

Meet Cha Cha

In May 2023, a few days before my 49th birthday, and as a recent empty nester, I dramatically shook up my world, selling everything and moving to Bali (baby pics & memorabilia went into storage)! I didn't have a plan for what I refer to as my "2nd Act," but knew that after 16 years of being a single mom, 13 years of custody battles (long story!) and nearly 20 years as a Realtor, I needed a break.


The original plan was to move to Bali and really focus on making shoes (one of my favorite hobbies), but my 3D printer literally blew up the first time I plugged it in. The answer to the question you may be asking yourself is "Yep, I brought my 3D printer and 2 sewing machines with me to Bali - I'm funny that way!" 😍

Cha Cha Travels is my canvas to inspire and guide fellow mid-age mavens. I hope to inspire you to embrace the brave and exciting odyssey of solo travel, discover new and exciting destinations, explore events and retreats around the world, and learn about the brilliance of other cultures. And, of course, doing all of this in style! Along with travel, I absolutely love all things fashion and wellness - I fervently believe that when we feel that we look amazing (both inside & out), it shines through in all aspects of our lives.

If you are also embarking on a mid-life transformation and/or solo female travel journey, let's grow and learn how to be our best version of ourselves together! While I will be sharing what is on my mind, I would love to hear what is on yours. Please share your comments on posts and reach out to me at anytime, to let me know how I can help, or just say hi! 

Join me on this wild, wonderful ride! 🌟💃 #MidAgeAdventure #ChaChaTravels #TransformativeJourney

Day 1 in Bali I rented a scooter and promptly fell over in the middle of a crazy busy intersection - if you've been to Bali, you know what this means... insanity ensued around me, and even more honking than usual. But I survived relatively unscathed and jumped right back on, starting my journey of a lifetime!

Taking on New Adventures

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